Chronic Chronicler is the a.k.a. of Los Angeles-based artist Kristina Feliciano

My work reflects on solitude, chosen and undesired. It remarks on visual communication and how we interpret the world. It attempts to picture a world where every moment, even the most quotidian, is a frame from the cinema. 

I make most of this work with something that nearly all of us carry with us each day: a phone. I take a photo and then process it over and over, almost always using only my device. Screenshot after screenshot, filtering it anew each time. I’ll record video and filter it over and over, running it through iMovie on my laptop. I’m not a video editor. I never learned iMovie.

The phone’s camera is prescribed for everyday snapshotting, with readymade filters corraling us all into a kind of accepted visual language. Instagram encourages us toward the same poses, the same angles. It is defining what we regard as memorable. I want to challenge that momentum.  

My photo collages also originate with an image I’ve captured, sometimes from a movie on a screen or a photo I’ve encountered in real life. Other times, I work from a photograph I’ve taken on the street, Flaneur with a camera. I imagine I’m in a film noir, and the images find me. I bring them in and layer onto them, over and over. 

You will also find me here, in a different guise: