My work deals with themes of isolation, dislocation, ennui, uncertainty, wonder, the ephemeral nature of existence, and sorrow, but with an eye toward beauty, toward the lyrical. I play with color and texture, using the tools most readily available to all of us—a smart phone—to capture moments and then interpret them at will, “cross-processing” them on my device. The democratization of image making and distribution has contributed to an overall sameness in what we photograph and how we photorgaph it. I’d like to challenge those norms yet remain within the public sphere, inside the limits of the technology we all have at our disposal. —Kristina Feliciano, a.k.a. Chronic Chronicler


I also work with the creative industry—writing pitches, developing strategy, copywriting, photo editing, consulting, and shaping content in all forms. Portfolio and info here:

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